Feng Shui Tips for Your Space

Feng Shui Tips for Your Space

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

The General Principle of Fengshui for  a home can release the exact kind of energy/chi flows throughout the property for a lifetime based on the arrangement of furniture and other objects.

Fengshui works on three principlesenergy/chi, natural element, and bagua. The energy principle of feng shui reveals life force in motion flowing around the surrounding environment of a property. Adverse effect happens when the flow of such energy force is blocked or stuck due to certain faults or flaws. The natural elements of fengshui constitute fire, earth, metal, water, air, space, and wood.

Use the following Feng Shui tips in your home for its well being and harmonious energy flow:

1. If the entry door of your house makes a squeaking noise the moment you come or go from your house, it is an obvious sign that the faulty door needs to be fixed. In fengshui it is considered an omen signifying the shriek or cry of the door. This holds true for cabinets, a back door, side door or interior door. Get out that W-D 40.

2. Windows of a house should not be dirty. Get out the window cleaner and clean them inside and out, as doing so will invite more positive energy flow inside your house.

3. Here is one many of us are guilty of. A cluttered house is a sign that energy flow is restricted.  Discard  or donate anything non-essential in your house. A space cleaning lets positive energy fill in your house.

more tips to follow...

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